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Forget modern day essentials,

Forget what you've learnt,

Go back to the basics. 


What Is Bushcraft?

"Bushcraft" is the term given to learning, and practicing a range of skills that allow you to survive in the wild. The main, core bushcraft skills are typically considered to be; Fire Lighting/Fire Craft, Shelter Building, Water Finding, Knife and Axe Skills and Camp Craft




What We Offer

We offer Bushcraft Taster Days and Bushcraft Weekends that are designed for people of ages 16 and upwards. We take everybody's individual abilities, needs and previous knowledge into consideration when you're with us, so that we can help you develop new, or previously learned skills.

Events for younger participants, and people of all abilities can also be arranged.


We will always do our best to make sure that you have the best time possible with us, and we guarantee that you will leave us knowing something new.



Bushcraft and Woodland Survival Experiences

Learn Bushcraft offers different experiences across the topics of bushcraft, woodland survival and outdoor living. Learn a range of skills with our Taster Day or Weekend Bushcraft experiences in our very own woodlands. Learn Fire Lighting, Shelter Building, Campfire Cooking, Animal Preparation, plus more.

Why Choose to Learn With Us?


Friendly Service

At Learn Bushcraft, we will always endeavour to provide a safe, respectful and friendly environment to learn in. We believe that respect and integrity is the key to delivering quality courses and experiences.


Tailored Experiences

No matter if you're a complete beginner to the world of Bushcraft and Survival, or have dabbled in bits and pieces before, we have something for you. We will make sure that you'll leave us knowing something new. 


Experienced Staff

The Learn Bushcraft team have many years experience teaching outdoor survival and bushcraft skills in all different environments, to a range of different people.


Disconnect from the world. Reconnect with nature

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