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Our top pick for hammock campers of all levels, the Learn-Bushcraft Tarp 3x3 provides dependable protection wherever you are.



3m x 3m along the edges,

3000+ waterproof rating,

RipStop nylon,

17 anchor points (16 reinforced),

Includes 4 guy lines and 4 aluminium pegs,


Versatile and Practical Perfectly sized for our regular hammocks, the Tarp 3x3 offers ample coverage for one person and their gear. Set it up in an A-frame or diamond over your hammock for complete protection, extend a tent porch, cook underneath it, use it as a ground sheet, or craft it into a tipi-tent.



+ 4 extra guy lines (8 in total),

+ 4 extra aluminium pegs (8 in total),

+ 8 all/wet weather pegs

Learn-bushcraft 3x3 Tarp

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